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Beyond 2020

Business Recovery Program

The Hyfen Business Recovery Program is a unique and limited offer for Small to Medium businesses, developed in partnership by HYFEN and PERFORM – CFO, COO Consulting to help business leaders stop the COVID-19 domino effect.

2020 Hindsight Series

Episode 1: People, Mentors, Value and No-Regret Bets

A conversation with Dylan Flavell, Managing Director of Spring Point, on how he has been leading his business through COVID-19 challenges while anticipating what value now means for his clients.

How do you model the future? Why are no-regret bets so important? This interview is packed with insights for professional services and consulting businesses facing significant change. 

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We’re changing the conversation about organisational value, helping you cultivate your most important assets and move mountains as a result.

Hidden somewhere in your organisation is the untapped potential for innovation, growth and value creation; a treasure trove of opportunities waiting to be utilised. At Hyfen, our passion is helping you discover them.

The types of assets we work with aren’t physical (like equipment or materials) but intangible: organisational culture and purpose, internal processes, brand strategy, business and people capability, intellectual property (non-trademarked), revenue innovation, merger management, and more. Tricky to articulate, difficult to design and almost impossible to contract, the potential value of these organisational elements can slip under the radar of even the most experienced leaders.

It’s this challenge that drives us. Why? Because current research and our extensive experience in the field shows us that it’s exactly these assets that are the powerhouse behind sustainable returns. And yet, left underutilised, they also pose great risk to your organisation’s health and sustainability.

Why work with us? We’re experts at turning the messy organisational stuff into practical, sustainable value that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Let’s work together to transform your toughest risks and challenges into energy for the future.

Case studies

AGL Energy

The shift to renewables, distributed generation and consumer personalisation occurred while the energy industry was suffering from low trust with customers, high churn and lowering margins. This led to the realisation that serious investment capital was required to transform AGL’s technology, customer experience and product offer. When Hyfen’s founder Kirstin Schneider partnered with the AGL team, the question was how to realise the full value of that investment.

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Nando’s (Australia and NZ)

Nandos is a South-African founded, quick-service restaurant (QSR) and food service business that operates over 250 restaurants in Australia and New Zealand, employing thousands of staff. The highly capable ANZ leadership team were eager to step out of their day-to-day and look over the horizon at what might be coming their way. Concerned about emerging socio-economic, technology, consumer, food, and environmental trends that might disrupt their business model, Nandos wanted to question the status quo. How could they honour the strength in their current asset base and yet build what might needed for the future?

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A fast-growth small business, Innovior aims to radically transform business performance through intelligent automation. Delivering transformative solutions using robotics process automation, data and AI, Innovior is an award-winning and innovative consultancy. When Hyfen partnered with the team, Innovior were doubling in size every year and finding it hard – especially organisationally – to keep up with demand. How could Innovior grow sustainably without the growing pains?

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Our delivery promise

Our four-step delivery process will leave you with more than just insights: you’ll feel confident, well-equipped, and able to maintain the valuable changes we make together.


Specific to your challenges and vision, we find out what makes your organisation unique: what works, what doesn’t, and why. We listen to what your people say, review data and discover the less obvious value creation opportunities that will help you and your organisation thrive. You’ll share in our insights, benefit from our experience, and enjoy a refreshingly new perspective on your organisation.


Energised by a set of well-informed ideas on where your opportunities lie, we pride ourselves on engaging widely before we design solutions. It’s one of the ‘secrets’ of our success. Our interactions and sense of purposeful play with the people connected to your organisation will offer you enriched data, early directional validation and important leadership momentum for what’s to come.


We’re the experts on organisational strategy, business models, culture and design. You have the best insights into your industry, history and vision for success. That’s why co-designing your organisation’s future is a recipe for outstanding value creation. With real connection and genuine partnership, we’ll guide the crafting of an integrated map of change and growth unique to your needs.


Have you ever received a deck of insights only to have your consultant leave the resulting hard work to you? That’s just not our style. Passionate about helping you create sustainable organisational value, we embed ourselves in your organisation to help lead tough changes, build your internal capabilities, sustain systemic value and shift important resources for sustained momentum. We’ll work together for as long as you wish.

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