Who we work with

It’s never too late to revisit how you’re working.

Getting your organisational house in order for growth, acquisition, sale or strategy reset? We’re your home improvement specialists!

Perhaps you’re enjoying increasing success in some areas of your work while fighting messy organisational and strategy execution-related fires. Rapid growth and uncertainty in how the future can easily undermine your team’s hard work and your efforts, as an organisation, to thrive.

You’re not alone. Hyfen has a rich history of partnering with founders, CEOs and those heading high-growth operations to build sustainable value by identifying, detangling and innovating the unique intangibles of your business.

In a word? Connect with us and find your extraordinary.

The top three questions our clients are asking us:


What do we need to do right now to sustain our business over the next 2 years through COVID-19, economic and market challenges? 


How can we improve our post-deal M&A returns and avoid integration pitfalls by getting ahead of operational and people risks?


Are we making the most of our intangible assets to position ourselves for growth, competitive advantage and optimised value?

We help with all of this, and more.

Small businesses and social enterprises

When you’re rapidly iterating your business, it can be hard to step back and ask whether you’re building the right foundations for long-term success. Hyfen helps you focus on the few things that make a huge difference in the long run. Having these foundations in place will reap dividends down the track but will also make your life easier in the short term.

Private, family and mid-cap business

Some things are hard to see because you’re in your business day-to-day. Is your organisation ready to tap into uncharted opportunities? Is your operating model built for your future? Are you making the most of the intangible assets you already have? Hyfen helps you see what’s less obvious. We optimise hidden value in your business to give you the boost you need.

Venture capital and private equity firms

To capture the full value of your deal, and deliver multiples on exit, operational execution is key. What capabilities need to be built that don’t exist? Are key risks being actively managed on the ground? Where does critical IP reside and how can you protect and grow it? Hyfen’s experience in these areas make us your ideal outsourced operating partner.

The Hyfen team is proud to have worked with: