Case study


August to September 2019

About Nando’s.

Nando’s is a South-African founded, quick-service restaurant (QSR) and food service business that operates over 250 restaurants in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), employing thousands of staff. The highly capable ANZ leadership team were eager to step out of their day-to-day and look over the horizon at what might be coming their way. Concerned about emerging socio-economic, technology, consumer, food, and environmental trends that might disrupt their business model, Nando’s wanted to question their status quo. How could they honour the strength in their current asset base and yet build what might needed for the future?

What we did

Following a brief from the CEO, we dived in to guide the leadership team to review their business through a series of strategic lenses. In doing so, we significantly broadened the discussion of the challenge at hand, mapping out scenarios of disruptions that were likely to challenge Nandos’ current economic model. Leveraging Clayton Christensen’s “Jobs to be Done” framework and the principles of Blue Ocean strategy, we reframed these challenges as opportunities. We stepped the Nandos team through the value-creation and differentiation opportunities already present in Nandos’ DNA. For example, a little known fact about Nando’s origin story is that two South African founders started the business in 1987 with a view to aid chilli farmers, particularly women, in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Africa. We drew heavily on this purpose driven vision to rethink Nando’s ANZ strategic direction over the 5-10 year horizon and to look more specifically at what changes would need to be made, and where existing strengths could be leveraged to better effect.


What we achieved

We leveraged the brand’s original DNA to reignite the Nando’s story and address significant risks in the evolving consumer market. Reframing the perspective of the leadership team, we enabling the group to find opportunities to connect the strategy with the business’ deep purpose. We shifted the team’s understanding of the resources and operating model required to develop new revenue based on a differentiated strategy. We the existing intangible assets of the business as a platform for purpose, growth and differentiation, uniting Nando’s strategic efforts around an understanding of the company’s unique offerings, capability opportunities and intangible assets.

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