Case study


February to July 2019

About Innovior.

A fast-growth small business, Innovior aims to radically transform business performance through intelligent automation. Delivering transformative solutions using robotics process automation, data and AI, Innovior is an award-winning and innovative consultancy. When Hyfen partnered with the team, Innovior were doubling in size every year and finding it hard – especially organisationally – to keep up with demand. How could Innovior grow sustainably without the growing pains?

What we did

Hyfen partnered with the Managing Director and leadership team of Innovior to to look at the best way to scale Innovior’s operating model to meet its high market demand while maintaining service standards, client engagement and economic returns.

Since foundation, Innovior had been running fast just to keep up. The team hadn’t taken the opportunity to pause and ask where they were at. We helped them articulate their longer term strategy and in the process, identified some big risks in Innovior’s current business model that were likely to curtail growth in the medium term. We also helped the team identify opportunities for bigger market plays that they otherwise would not have had time to think about, let alone execute.

Bringing the whole Innovior team to together for the first time, we artfully helped the leadership team introduce their strategy and engage the team in purpose and direction. From this, a shared articulation of the desired culture emerged. Helping Innovior shift their organisation, operating rhythm and workforce to bring that culture to life – which included a reset of roles, accountabilities and governance practices, as well as the hiring of an HR Director and other critical roles –  was where Hyfen turned strategic and cultural insights into operational reality.

What we achieved

We helped Innovior embed its direction into the mindsets and day-to-day of its people. This gave Innovior a strong organisational foundation from which to scale its services and manage growth risks. Finding new opportunities for service innovation led Innovior to foster new revenue opportunities. Steering the business toward opportunities for strategic bets means it now scans the environment regularly for inorganic growth opportunities to complement its organic demand. The people and capability aspects of Innovior’s organisational health are now expertly handled by an HR Director, who is able to maintain the momentum put in place by Hyfen. Similarly, the leadership team have evolved their operating practices to ensure that what’s delivered is not just today’s results, but tomorrow’s growth strategy.

Innovior were doubling in size, so we were all really busy just trying to keep up. Getting to know our business quickly, Hyfen helped us see where we were going longer term and what we needed to do differently to get there. Kirstin brought our entire organisation together to help us tell our strategy and culture story. Hyfen also connected our vision to operational and capability changes. There’s always more to do, but we’re stronger at our core and more prepared for the next wave of growth thanks to our partnership with Hyfen.”

Jure Brkan

Managing Director, Innovior

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