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AGL Energy

About AGL Energy.

The shift to renewables, distributed generation and consumer personalisation occurred while the energy industry was suffering from low trust with customers, high churn and lowering margins. This led to the realisation that serious investment capital was required to transform AGL’s technology, customer experience and product offer. When Hyfen’s founder Kirstin Schneider partnered with the AGL team, the question was how to realise the full value of that investment.

What we did

Kirstin worked closely with the executive team to reformulate AGL’s retail operating model so that it could support rapid product innovation. Introducing digital services to the Retail business fundamentally shifted AGL’s ability to deliver product innovation and realise its differentiation strategy, resulting in improved customer trust. To ensure this was repeatable, Kirstin co-designed the the introduction of Scaled Agile practices to AGL’s retail business unit, which included a new agile capital allocation process. Operationally, these changes called for significantly different business and people capabilities and a more responsive operating model. Kirstin led the redesign of the Retail and Innovation business units, which included a fundamental change in ways of working, KPIs and incentives – all aligned to the customer journey. Working with the Executive team to build digital capabilities not only within their traditional functions but also into newly formed cross-functional teams, was essential to the realisation of value from the capital investment AGL had made in its business model transformation.

What we achieved

We fundamentally shifted the culture to one centred on customer value, leveraging the incredible data assets at AGL’s core to deliver improved value for AGL and personalisation for its customers. By building the organisational infrastructure that made rapid innovation-to-market possible, we enabled low-cost experimentation and consistent launch of new services that differentiated AGL in market. We lowered customer churn and improved customer engagement and customer trust measurably, through the many shifts in culture, process and behaviour that were introduced. Agile capital process ensured innovation capital went to the best NPV opportunities, leading to better returns for shareholders. All up, our work strengthened AGL’s internal capability to deliver on an increasingly uncertain market future.

“Kirstin is a commercially minded, strategic thinking business partner who brings sensitive people insights and innovative organisational solutions to complex business problems. Kirstin is a trusted advisor with broad perspectives who is not afraid to challenge the status quo to help companies think bigger whilst delivering results needed for today.”

Melissa Reynolds

EGM Retail & Customer Markets

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