How we do it

We do what we do because it matters.

Strengthening your intangible assets will supercharge your growth in ways you’ve only dreamed of. We love helping our clients discover that organisational hiccups and business growing pains can in fact present opportunities for developing competitive advantage and lasting strengths.

Put simply, we’re here to help you enrich your business in extraordinary ways. We want you to enjoy a world in which returns to investors and your enterprise value is strengthened by innovation in your intangible asset base. When you focus on intangible assets – your purpose, people, culture, brand, ways of working, partner ecosystem, data, operating model and more – you lay the foundations for long-term sustainability and exceptional growth.

Our process is tailored, engaging and exceptionally seamless.

While you’re busy running things day-to-day, we slip easily into the daily life of your business to discover what matters, look at value opportunities from new angles, and engage tactfully and efficiently with your people and data. Each of our unique offerings (see Product Guide) is designed to build organisational value, bolster evaluations in readiness for capital and ownership changes, and drive highly sustainable returns. Download our Product Guide to get a sense of the value we can offer you.

Our offer will always be tailored to your needs, so all assignments begin with a brief from you. Our highly innovative services are available in a variety of bundles related to the complexity of the brief and mutually agreed approach. Hyfen’s products and services are then applied to your business context in a specialised, custom-fit manner that holds at its very core your business’ unique market, stakeholder and organisational needs and interests.

The rest is easy. We make magic together!

Hyfen consultants work hard in your corner. Our approach is happily different from others, too: we adopt a holistically integrated perspective to help you build change momentum, having fun together during the process, and taking great pride in ensuring that the results of our work lasts.

This is how we make it happen.