About Hyfen

Hyfen is a leading management consultancy that uniquely discovers, designs and strengthens the valuable intangible practices that underpin exceptional organisations.

We work across a wide range of industry sectors including Retail, Energy, Logistics, FMCG, Professional Services, Digital & IT, Deep Tech, Health, Biotech, Social Enterprise, and more.

We love working with the complex stuff; those all-important elements of organisational health of which lesser operations aren’t wary. If making your organisation fit for the future keeps you up at night, we’re here to turn that aspiration into a reality.

Why? Because we know that a majority of organisations’ real draw cards come from characteristics that sit well beyond the balance sheet, defying the tools of maintaining ‘business as usual’.

It’s an evidence-backed position, too. Research has consistently shown that outstanding culture, strategy, organisational practices and operating models create viable sources of competitive advantage. Hyfen’s integrative, whole-of-organisation approach offers you incredible potential for sustainable growth plus incremental returns in revenue and market valuation.

Our team is genuinely dedicated to your success. You’ll love our consultants’ warmth, efficiency and expertise underpinned by extensive experience in environments impacted by rapid change and growth. Partnering with you as leaders of change, we’re proud to embed results that stay with you for life.

Our value proposition:

It’s not just the unique aspects of your organisation that we work on, but also how we work that makes us a trusted and valuable partner to our clients. With Hyfen, it’s a real partnership: we dive into your “too hard basket” to find gold nuggets of opportunity, using our integrative, people-first approach to connect you to your ‘extraordinary’.

A real partnership on value innovation

Meaningful partnership is our bread-and-butter: we don’t just analyse, tell you what you suspected, and leave the building! We lead meaningful change, engage your people in the journey and make a real difference to as we work so that your results are sustainable long after Hyfen’s unique, thoughtfully designed process is complete. The end result is value creation for today and tomorrow, leading you to sustainable returns in the longer term.

Utilising the ‘too hard’ basket

We work with the messy organisational stuff that many dismiss without care for its inherent value. Savvy, fit-and-healthy 21st-century organisations embody this value through great culture, superior business capability, differentiated operating models,  powerful brand equity and savvy use of digital and data assets. We’re here to help you discover and make great use of those gold nuggets of under-utilisation by boldly going where others are afraid to tread. 

Our integrative, people-first approach

It’s how we work that makes us a trusted and valuable partner to our clients. We’re proud to take an innovative outside-in, whole-of-organisation approach to our work. This gives you a rich picture of your organisation’s potential from the perspective of all those who contribute to and share in its value creation. Connecting meaningfully with your people, we help you pattern better systems of management and find sustainable sources of new value.

Kirstin Schneider

Founder and Managing Partner, Hyfen

About our founder

Kirstin spent the first 10 years of her career building small businesses in the consumer retail, financial services and short-run packaging sectors as a co-owner and manager. Taking on a corporate career focusing initially on M&A, she then moved to work in the areas of business incubation, transformation and disruption through the lens of people, culture and change.

Over the next 14 years Kirstin spearheaded some of Australia’s biggest organisational and strategic transformations, developing new people practices, value propositions, capabilities, customer experiences and ways of working. Past executive positions include those with Orica, Australia Post, Coles/Wesfarmers and AGL Energy.

Hyfen now realises Kirstin’s passionate focus on the question of how organisations develop new sources of competitive and sustainable value. Kirstin thrives on partnering with CEOs and founders to find exciting, innovative and sustainable answers to questions fundamental to the health of their organisations.

Kirstin holds a Senior Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School (University of Melbourne). Hyfen is supported by a group of exceptionally talented partners who enable us to deliver our promise to you quickly and at scale where required.